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Fusion Projects
objects consisting of etched zinc
steel and brass plates fused
with respective etchings;
first use of digital sources
Royal College of Art

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Grid Fusion
two etched and engraved zinc plates
and respective etchings
85cm x 100cm, 1993

Two in Three I
objects made from etched
folded and rusted steel plates

and etchings
Gallery Daeppen, Basel
50cm x 90cm

Sequence 52

Installation of 52 etched zinc plates
and 52 respective etchings
Trier, 1992

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Square Progression

Etched zinc plates and respective intaglio prints
1m x 1m each panel
1992; private collection

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Installation of 7 etchings and 7 steel plates
2.0m x 5.3m x 2.0m

David, detail (click to enlarge)

Square 33


Square 33
, Installation of 33 etchings and 33 etched zinc plates
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach

Line Reflection


Installation of 12 etchings
and 12 etched zinc plates
3.0m x 1.3m x 3.0m