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2015 - 2016


Madison (lime),

overpainting with pigment ink,

gouache and acrylic 

on unstretched canvas,

Douro Museum,

Portugal, 2021

Madison is larger and ongoing series of digital works, photographs, and paintings / overpaintings in which digital repeat patterns and linear dot structures are overlaid, interfered with, or blurred by irregular, more random painterly or gestural work, or cluster-like, crystalline forms. A machine-made uniform aesthetic merges with painterly gestural interventions, creating unique moments out of repetitive forms. The original works Madison (as a set of about 90 computer drawings made with kid's drawing software) were developed during a digital drawing retreat in Madison Wisconsin in 2015. The work also has connections to phenomena of the mineral and geologic realm which are strongly expressed in that region. Recent works from the series introduce new elements of fragmentation into this process.

digital works on paper, 
paint, pens, and photography, 2015/16