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Pillar Wrap

Loop | Pillar Wrap

Public Art Commission by the  CTA transit authority, Chicago 

digital print on vinyl on concrete support structures
Harrison Gateway, Chicago, 

on display 2008 - 2014

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Loop - Pillar Wrap   

South and North Pillar, 

and CTA subway tracks


Loop - Pillar Wrap   

North Pillar (also above)

Loop - Pillar Wrap   

North Pillar in snow,  (above, below)


Loop - Pillar Wrap   detail


Loop - Pillar Wrap   

installation by the Dr. GrafX team, 

Chicago, 2008


Loop - Pillar Wrap     

public art and CTA ‘L’ elevated subway train


Loop - Pillar Wrap   detail

Loop - Pillar Wrap   snow storm


Loop - Pillar Wrap   commuters

Loop - (lime) 

concept and original artwork for ‘Pillar Wrap', 


Loop - Pillar Wrap   click, for slide show of all images