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Dean Clough Galleries,

Halifax, 2005

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Tinflowers is a series of playful metal objects made between 1999 and 2000. Digital repeat images are deeply etched into metal plates which are shaped and cut into random forms, and then finished with opaque and translucent colors. The works hybridize between print, painting, and sculpture. The complete installation was shown at Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax as part of the exhibition 'Transit' in 2005, and at Gallery Arte Giani, Frankfurt. Individual objects are held in private collections. 


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etched brass, copper and
zinc objects, and acrylic,
1999 - 2001,
installed at Dean Clough Galleries,


Exhibition Transit, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, 2005

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Tinflower, (gold),

etched and shaped brass,

2000, private collection,


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